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St. Louis Pirates - STL TRAVEL BOYS' 14s - 18s program provides instruction to baseball players in the 5th through 12th Grade while promoting competitiveness and athletic development in a low athlete to coach ratio.

THE PROGRAM: follows the St. Louis Pirates  – STL Player Development Philosophies and Curriculum standards to ensure that proper fundamentals are reinforced, techniques drilled and systems utilized to ensure consistency and confidence develop in our athletes and teams, while promoting and encouraging player and team competitiveness at their highest level. This philosophy and curriculum ensures that each player is able to develop to their full potential positionally throughout their years with St. Louis Pirates  – STL. 

The program is a 9-month program. The 15s-18s begin in early November, break for the High School season in March, return in late May, and complete their summer season in late July. The 14s begin their season in mid-December, take a 2-3 week break in early May, and then continue until completion in early July. The 14s and 15s teams practice 2 times a week, while the 16s-18s practice 2-3 practices a week depending on the time of the season. The practice length is typically 1.5 to 2 hours in length. The number of tournaments varies, but is roughly 3-6 travel tournaments and 5-6 local tournaments. The younger age groups typically travel far less than the older age groups. We do not discourage teams who want to do more from doing so. Additional tournaments are always left up to the team’s discretion. 

OUR FOCUS: is to prepare the player to play at their highest level through a conscientious and purposeful program that emphasizes player development. Systematically this can be said in another way, prepare players for his or her next level of play while allowing the team to be as competitive as possible at their team’s highest level. To emphasize this latter phrasing with an example, the U12s coaching staff’s duty is to ensure that each and every player has been prepared to progress to the U13s level by ensuring they have the skill sets, and an understanding of the techniques and systems utilized at the U13s level. This philosophy ensures that our players are in positions for long term growth while again encouraging competitiveness at their team’s highest level of play.